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Michael Zisman

"Carsten Heveling is a one of a kind craftsman. His love and passion for the bandoneon are infinite and it shows in his outstanding, astonishingly precise and subtle work. He is extremely ambitious, constantly and inexhaustibly in pursuit of the perfect individual solution, lovingly devoted to optimizing each instrument to it´s owners way of playing. Carsten does far more for your instrument than he initally promises - and far more than he charges for afterwards. Due to his consitently large work load at times, it might take a little while for your instrument to be finished - but it is definitively worth the wait. Carsten´s beautiful handmade bellows are the best I've tried since alfred arnold´s, arguably even better.

Keep up the good work, Carsten!"

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Bern (CH)
Foto: R. Andreoli
"AA / Premier" Alfred Arnold, plain brown
prod. no: 7xx

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